care rituals

SOFT PACK RITUALS – more than simply care!

The treatment includes: peel, serum, mask and an aromatic body lotion.

Chocolate pleasure

Cleansing of the skin, pleasure for the senses  
Duration: up to 90 min. Price: 240 PLN

Exclusive body treatment affecting all the senses, addressed both at women and men looking for a deep relaxation. Chocolate stimulates the micro-circulation and slows down the ageing processes. The cocoa extract stimulates the production of endorphins, makes the skin smooth, firm, improves it colour and aroma.

Milky soothing for VENUS

Rejuvenation and regeneration
Duration: up to 110 min. Price: 280 PLN

The nourishing emulsion with goat milk will moisturise and soothe dry, matt and sensitive skin. Relaxing massage with goat milk butter will make your skin soft, strong and healthy, like in a protective coat.

Blue Sea for MARS

Slimming, firming and detox
Duration: up to 110 min. Price: 250 PLN

Cleansing power of natural sea algae will be a great prelude to other treatments and a strong ally during any slimming therapies or diets. An ideal remineralizing and detoxifying therapy to start your SPA & Wellness.

Coffee impressions

Slimming treatment against cellulite
Duration: up to 90 min. Price: 240 PLN

The cocoa beans have strong stimulating and draining properties, and the aromatic smell of coffee fills you with energy for the whole day ahead. Perfect for grey, tired skin, but also for all the coffee fans

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