Holidays in Sarbinowo

Attractions of Sarbinowo

This village located at the shore of the Baltic Sea is one of the most developing resorts in the region. Without any doubt, you can enjoy such vacation here which you have never experienced before – modern infrastructure, fantastic attractions and the hospitality of the local inhabitants will surely win your heart.

Sarbinowo Beach – wide and sandy, perfect for both water and sunbathing. If you prefer walking, though, why don’t you stroll along the stone-paved pedestrian zone separating the beach from the town. There’ no summer leisure without the beach!

Monuments – the most precious monument of the village is the 19th neo-Gothic parish church with a high tower and beautiful stained-glass windows. When in Sarbinowo, don’t forget to visit the old half-timbered cottage – the oldest fishing cottage (1870) built according to the bolt technique.

Tourist routes in the surroundings of Sarbinowo

Spending vacation in Sarbinowo means having wonderful walks along the shore. The coastline of the village is a part of the international bike trail leading you along the Baltic shore. The route goes as follows: ( 45 km): Pleśna - Gąski lighthouse - Sarbinowo - Mielno - Strzeżenica - Dobiesławiec - Mścice - Jamno - Łabusz - Osieki - Iwęcino - Bielkowo. Unforgettable attractions and impressive panoramas guaranteed!

Sarbinowo surroundings

Gąski – with two old complexes.

Firstly, the second greatest lighthouse on the Polish coast (51 m high). It’s open to the visitors. Climb the winding granite, there are as many as 190 stairs. Secondly, the old, neo-Classical „Sea Palace: from the second half of the 19th century surrounded by an old 6,7 ha park with beeches, sawara cypresses and silver maples, at present a whole-year summer resort.

Chłopy – a tiny fishing village with a few streets. The greatest attractions of the place are the old fishing cottages from the beginning of the 20th century, built in the characteristics half-timbered syle. Going from Chłopy towards Mielno along a little and very romantic forest way, we reach the 16th meridian, marked with a large stone. Since 2015, the village can boast also of a new 90 metre pier.

Mielno and Unieście – located not that far from Sarbinowo, officially they are independent towns yet due to the touristic development they have united to build one large resort. The most important attractions of the region are:

Walking Promenade along the beach, 3 km long. Gives a beautiful view of the sea and a large chessboard.

Airmen Monument – located on the seaside promenade in Mielno. It’s an element of a plane with a brass board and the inscription ""Pamięć Lotnikom kpt. Pilot inż. Jan Kozyra, por. pilot inż. Ryszard Duro, poległym tragicznie 7 września 1987 roku koledzy z J. W. 5069"" („For my fellow pilots of the Airforce Regiment J. W. 5069, the Airmen who died on 7 September 1987– captain engineer Jan Kozyra, leutenant engineer Jan Kozyra”).

Red deer Monument – on the square before the Community Office. Funded during the interwar time by one of the landowners as a memory about a successful hunt.

The Winter Swimmer Monuments – situated at the main entrance to the beach (Kościuszki Street), it’s a symbol of the International Winter Swimming Gathering organised in Mielno since 2004 and attended by thousands of winter swimmers.

Concert Bandstand in the Seaside Park of Mielno. 12 m wide and 4 m high. In the park, there is also a small pond surrounded by stones.

Jamno Lake – a true kingdom of water sports and fishing


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