CLASSIC MASSAGE – for health and regeneration

Classic partial massage

Duration: 25 min. Price: 75 PLN


Duration: 50 min. Price: 150 PLN  

Lymphatic partial massage

Duration: 25 min. Price: 85 PLN

Therapeutic massage of the back  

Duration: up to 30 min. Price: 95 PLN

Relaxing body massage with coconut oil

Duration: 45 min. Price: 190 PLN

Perfect for the atopic and acne skin, helps in case of psoriasis. Fights against bacteria, moisturises, oils, strengthens the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis.

Classic partial massage – package

3 massages in one package
 Price: 180 PLN




Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage for relaxation and regeneration.
Duration: 90 min. Price: 250 PLN


Foot massage

Duration: 20 min. Price: 60 PLN


Quick an effective action
Duration: 30 min. Price: 85 PLN

Sets you free from cellulite, shapes your silhouette and makes your skin firm. The massage helps also in case of various body pains.

Nourishing massage with SHEA butter for Him and for Her
Duration: 45 min. Price: 190 PLN

The Shea butter is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It makes your skin smooth, velvety to the touch and healthy. Contains vit. A and E, moisturises the skin and loosens the muscles.

Relaxing massage with coconut oil

The coconut will embrace you with the smell of the summer adventure.

Duration: 45 min. Price: 180 PLN


The coconut oil massage brings not only perfect relaxation but also a whole myriad of positive substances for your skin. Recommended in case of dry, tired skin.

Massage with hot chocolate

Makes your skin firmer, more elastic and improves ist colour.
Duration: 60 min. Price: 200 PLN

The precious ingredients of chocolate (iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium and caffeine) stimulate the blood circulation, calm you down and improve your frame of mind.

Massage with hot candle

Whole body massage
Duration: 45 min. Price: 180 PLN

This relaxing massage with an aromatic candle comes from the Far East. The overwhelming smell will fill your senses and the godly warmth of the candle with soothe your skin with its velvety touch.

Massage with hot stones

Soothing and new energy
Duration: 60 min. Price: 200 PLN

This massage is a fusion of the traditional techniques and hot basalt stones heated up to the right temperature. Thanks to the pleasant warmth, those parts of your body deprived of energy are strengthened and those having too much energy are soothed. As a result, you are relaxed, full of internal harmony. Your muscles are loosened and your circulation is stimulated. Such a great way to unite with the nature. This treatment is especially recommended to those prone to stress, nervous, sad, having muscular pains. The massage soothes your senses, regulates the emotional sphere, loosens muscles, improves the functioning of internal organs, stimulates the micro-circulation of blood, heals stress and anxiety, brings strength and immunity.

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