Myofascial massage

Alleviates pain, corrects the body posture, improves the elasticity and smoothness of movement

Price: 95 PLN / 30 min.

Working with tissue layers to loosen, prolong them and release any unnecessary tensions has a great spectrum of application and gives exceptional results already after the first treatment. Using elbows or knuckles for the massage makes the treatment deeper and more precise than any other forms of massage.

Lymphatic drainage

Stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, thus improving the functioning of the organism

Price: 85 PLN / 25 min.

Massage prevents peripheral cardiovascular disease and heals the effect of the so called cold legs. Stimulates hormones of happiness and thereby leads to relaxation and satisfaction. Therapeutic massage of the spine Relief and relaxation Price: 75PLN / 25 min. Impact by touch on tired and overloaded areas of the spine, brings relief to the treated parts of the spine.


Combines the classical medicine with natural therapies

Price: 30PLN – 50 PLN

The treatment consists in placing an unstretchable, or flexible tape on the body in a specific way. The tape is a source of only mechanical stimuli (is not saturated with any drug) and depending on the type of the tape, method and area of application, it can have a different impact.

Therapeutic mud compresses

Warmth healing pain and tensions

Price: 25PLN / 20 min.

The therapeutic mud is one of the most precious gifts of nature. It’s a product of plant rotting in the water environment with various micro-organisms and a little access to the air. The therapeutic mud used as compressed warms the body up, widens blood vessels and thereby improves the blood circulation. What is more, by warming and loosening the muscles and joints, the treatment reduces pain. Indications for this treatment are any degeneration of joints, contractures, gynaecological diseases and menstrual pains.

Sollux Lamp

Reduces muscular tensions and pain.

Price: 15 PLN / 15 min.

The light therapy is a section of physiotherapy using amongst other the infrared radiation. How the infrared radiation influences the organism: Widens the capillary vessels in the skin Stimulates the flow of arterial blood through tissues Lowers the tension of muscles Raises the pain threshold and thereby heals pain Stimulates the metabolism Stimulates the warmth receptors in the skin The Sollux Lamp uses either red light filters (anti-inflammatory properties) or blue light filters (anti-pain properties).

Topical cryotherapy

Heals pain, makes the muscles flexible, removes oedema

Duration: 3 to 7 min. Price: 15 PLN

Cryotherapy is mainly used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Used in the treatment of locomotor system, helps in case of neurological problems

Duration: 15-20 min. Price: 20 PLN

Electrotherapy is used to alleviate the pain, improve the blood supply, decrease tensions in the skeletal – muscle structure, stimulate the weakened and denervated muscles.


Painless physiotherapy

Duration: 15- 20 min. Price: 25PLN

Iontophoresis consists in introducing a medicine to the treated body part by a flow of continuous current. Helps in case of spine or joint pains, it is also used against neuropains and inflammations.

Laser therapy

Heals inflammations, allergies, pain, has spasmolytic and haemostatic properties.

Duration: 3 - 7 min. Price: 15 PLN

Laser radiation causes physiological reflexes in the vascular system of the skin, and improves its vascularisation, stimulates metabolic processes and triggers a response in the internal organs. Thereby, it increases the blood flow, activates the bone marrow, raises the concentration of adrenaline, histamine and serotonin, which starts the analgesic process.

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